FameTag shows you the words friends use to describe you and what you're famous for; Who at your school is most famous for being stylish, brainy, athletic, flirty, hot, funny etc.; Your Fame Rank - a list of the most famous people at your school ; Who at school would be your dream date match; FameTag was developed for BlueWhale Apps and launched on the App Store in October, 2013.
iOS, Objective C, UIKit, Parse.com
Picture That is an addictive photo guessing game between friends. Picture That was developed for Styrofoam Inc. and launched on the App Store in March, 2013.
iOS, Objective C, UIKit, Parse.com, Heroku, AFNetworking, Ruby
Chumkee opens a new world of socializing for your iPhone and iPad that transcends language and location through video and photo conversations. Fictorial developed Chumkee for C-Vibes Ltd. Version 3.0 launched in June, 2012.
iOS, Objective C, localization, UIKit, AVFoundation, Heroku, Ruby on Rails.
Lexatron is a turn-based word game for iOS which mixes the best elements of Scrabble and Tron! Fictorial developed Lexatron and published it to the App Store in October, 2012.
iOS, Objective C, UIKit, Parse.com
Darts is a realistic 3-D darts game for iOS which lets you play cricket, 501, and more! Darts was released in 2008, went #1 on the free charts, and has been downloaded over 6 million times. Fictorial developed Darts and published it to the App Store in October, 2008.
iOS, Objective C, OpenGL ES, Cheetah3D, Javascript, Python, Adwhirl, Game Center
RPS World Masters is an addictive online-only version of the classic Rock Paper Scissors game. You will be automatically paired with random opponents from anywhere around the world! Fictorial developed RPS World Masters and published it to the App Store in January, 2011.
iOS, Objective C, Cocos2D-iPhone, Game Center.

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We have over 14 years of experience in product ideation, design, user experience experimentation, coding, testing, distribution, backend APIs, databases, and scalability. We follow the Agile programming methodology and work with you to iterate quickly. We will turn your ideas into working prototypes fast and will rely on our experience to get your ideas into the hands of millions of customers.

Fictorial was founded in 2008, has had a #1 app (Darts, Dec. 2008) on the iOS App Store, and has millions of app downloads under its belt.

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