Full-Stack Development

Fictorial is an experienced full-stack development shop with a former #1 self-made iOS app and dozens of successful client projects spanning a range of topics.Fictorial excels at designing, prototyping, implementing, testing, and scaling software projects.Fictorial dives deep into new areas. A recent client project required learning audiology in a few weeks to create an ANSI/ISO certified hearing loss test and hearing aid simulator for iPads with no previous experience in audio programming.


Fictorial has created dozens of bespoke apps, websites, and backends and has made sense of numerous messy codebases. Wherever you are in your project's lifecycle, Fictorial can help get your work out the door and into the hands of paying customers!Some client-based projects Fictorial has launched include games, vanilla internal inventory management systems, social media apps (photo/video sharing), backend APIs, databases, and HIPAA compliant medical services.Fictorial has also created and continues to maintain a number of Open Source projects including the first Redis client for Node.js, a UI toolkit for Python game prototypes, a HTML5 canvas based UI toolkit like iOS' UIKit, a homebrew database, and more.

Hitting the ground running

While Fictorial has a proven track record of learning new areas to get a project done, the following areas have been given special focus.

REST APIsAdvanced
Frontend Web Dev (HTML5, CSS, JS)Advanced
React NativeExperienced
Graphic DesignExperienced
3-D ModelingExperienced
Music CompositionExperienced
Dev Ops, Docker, etc.Apprentice

Get in Touch

Hi! I am Brian Hammond, founder and lead developer of Fictorial. Send me a message below to begin our conversation about your current or next project!